Corsican products

The butchery experience of our friends in Corsica is passed down through generations, and their products come from some remarkable shops.

For many years, Le Batistou has been building a close relationship with a family-owned Corsican butcher shop called Costa. Costa’s products are of very high quality and are made in northern Corsica, between Bastia and Île Rousse. Our pure-pork Corsican dry sausage is smoked over a wood fire, as is our capicola (made from the neck of the animal), lonza (made from pork loin) and figatelli (a dry, smoked sausage containing about 30% pork liver).

Iberian products 

Our chorizos are also prepared using traditional Spanish methods handed down from generation to generation. Do you prefer pure pork or bull meat? Mild, medium or very spicy? Whatever your tastes, we have the chorizo for you! Whether you like to eat your sausage dry or cooked, you can eat as much as you like!

Catalan products

Introduce your taste buds to fuet! A Catalan specialty most often made in the Girona region north of Barcelona, fuet is a straight, flattened, dry sausage that is dried without fermentation (unlike normal dry sausages). Le Batistou’s Catalan fuet is considered Espetec sausage, the highest ranking in the category!

Smoked sausages

ILe Batistou has selected for you a speciality elaborated in Lorraine, a department located in the north est of France, delicately smoked with beech wood...

Exotic Flavors

With the Exotic Flavors range, we take you on a journey beyond the borders of Le Forez.

You will experience a new world of authentic, savory, flavorful tastes that meet the Le Bastistou standard you always expect. You can always count on our expertise and use of fine ingredients!

Enchant your taste buds by trying new flavors.