Our Pure Pork sausage is the great classic of the Original Forez range. As its name suggests, it is made of 100% pork! We add a little salt and pepper and cure the sausage for several weeks, creating a simple, authentic sausage that will please every palate!


We have taken a pure pork sausage and gently coated it with an herbes de Provence blend. The flavor of the herbs penetrates the sausage casing, delicately marinating the meat and creating a marvelous aroma.

Tip: While the casing is edible, we recommend removing it before consumption. The meat will still retain the flavor of the herbs!


Our Pepper sausage is coated with pungent crushed peppercorns. As the sausage cures, the pepper marinates the meat, enhancing its flavor. Try the Pepper sausage with or without the casing—the choice is yours!


Our Trussed sausages are also 100% pure pork! But why are they trussed? Our Trussed sausages are larger in size. Tying them with string prevents the sausages from falling apart and keeps the stuffing evenly distributed inside the casing. Every mouthful bursts with a perfect balance of refined flavor.

Original Forez

Our Original Forez products let you discover Le Forez at home!

Made in the finest Forez tradition, these sausages are perfect as a snack while hiking in the forest or on picnics with family and friends.