Can I eat the “skin” of the sausage?
Le Batistou only uses all-natural casings for its sausages. By definition, these casings are edible, so you can certainly eat them if you wish. Some people prefer to remove the casing, as it may contain a strong flavor that masks the flavor of the sausage meat.

Do you use French pork?
All pork used in Le Batistou sausages comes from pigs raised and slaughtered in France. Le Batistou primarily works with a slaughterhouse located in Allier, France.

Is your ham dry or uncured?
Le Batistou only produces dry ham. The difference between dry ham and uncured ham is mostly the curing time. After salting, UNCURED ham is cured for less than six months before being sold, while DRY ham is cured for more than six months. Dry ham is thus higher in quality than uncured ham.

What cuts of pork do you use to make your sausage?
As the popular saying goes, “Every part of the pig is tasty.” But making a good sausage requires the use of only the finest cuts of pork. Le Batistou uses the ham (the rear legs of the pig), shoulder, belly and lean meat parts of the pig. For the fat, we use backfat, which is the best fat of the pig.

What is a “low-fat sausage”?
Our sausage recipes call for a fat content of 20% to 22%. But our Délice de Saint André le Puy sausage is low in fat, which means we have reduced the amount of fat used by 30%, resulting in a sausage that is 14% fat and 86% lean.

How should I store sausages after opening?
Ideally, you should eat the entire sausage right away! Not all by yourself, of course, but by sharing it with friends. But if you find yourself with leftovers, the sausages will keep well for a long time after opening. Simply wrap the exposed end well, preferably with aluminum foil, to prevent it from drying out. Then you can store the sausage in the pantry or on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

How should I store ham after opening?
Dry ham can be preserved for several weeks after opening. Wrap the ham in plastic to prevent oxidation and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

What if my sausage has expired?
Food products are stamped with two kinds of dates: the use-by date and the best-by date. Our sausages are imprinted with a best-by date, which means it is perfectly safe to consume our products after the date indicated. However, the product may be drier than normal and may have lost some of its flavor.