Our History


Birth of

The Druguet family takes over the business and refocuses on producing sausages and superior-quality dried meat. The Le Bastistou brand is born.



The adventure continues. Our production plant is being upgraded, and our products are gradually spreading across France. The leap to international markets is proving successful, as we are beginning to ship our products to Canada, Belgium and, soon, Asia.


The PYGAY family business

Our story begins with a butcher whose passion and expertise leads him to produce cooked and dried meats that become well-known in the region and all the way to Paris. The meats are sold under the brand names Pigay and Père Baptiste.



New adventures

The business is taken over by two friends in the industry, Jacques DESCHARMES et Patrick RICHAUD, who are attracted by the organoleptic qualities and the reputation of Le Batistou products. The company remains medium-sized, with 45 employees, and retains the enthusiastic Le Batistou spirit, values, high quality and commitment to customers.



A Unique Environment

Le Batistou has forged its personality on the strength of its region’s identity. Located in Saint-André-le-Puy in the plains of Le Forez (Note: the Z is silent!) in Loire, France, Le Batistou lies at the heart of the Massif Central, on the border of Auvergne between Saint-Etienne to the south, Monts du Forez to the west and Monts du Lyonnais to the east. This is the home of salt curing.

Le Batistou combines the qualities of the highland region with its artisanal knowledge to create products as unique as the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region they come from.



All About People

Founded by an artisan butcher many decades ago, then taken over by a family and then by two friends, Le Batistou has clearly always been about people.

Meat specialists

The men and women of Le Batistou have always been meat specialists who know how to recognize the excellence of each cut of meat and how to treat hams and sausages with all the care they deserve.

Passionate men

The butchers at Le Bastistou love their products and know how to get the best out of meat, spices and natural flavors, to offer supreme-quality products adored by amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

sharing and transmission

Le Batistou cares about its people. That is why we work hard to pass on our passion, expertise and high standards to the next generation, to ensure the longevity of Le Batistou products, the source of French cooking traditions.