The traditional dry sausage of Auvergne! A generous sausage, with tender meat and a pinch of garlic reminiscient of the legendary character of Auvergne's people.


Imagine that you are in the middle of a green nature in Auvergne. You walk with family or friends. Nothing more perfect than a dry sausage Le Batistou to extend this moment of pleasure. A sausage covered with a naturally green flower that gives your taste buds flavors of character.


Generous and meltingly soft at heart, the rosette of Auvergne is inevitably your ally for convivial moments!

Original Auvergne

Our Original Forez products let you discover Le Forez at home!

Made in the finest Forez tradition, these sausages are perfect as a snack while hiking in the forest or on picnics with family and friends.