100% bull sausages are unappetizing and we don't make them. Our bull sausages contain 30% bull meat. That is what gives it its full flavor and authentic character. What is the other 70%? Pork, of course! Made with Costières de Nîmes AOC wine, our bull sausages let you bring a piece of the Camargue into your home.

Great Bordeaux Wine

A great sausage deserves a great wine, and AOC wines are the greatest of them all. Our Great Bordeaux Wine sausages combine earthy flavors and the brininess of the sea in a single delectable package.

Pure Pork Ham

They say that every part of the pig is tasty— and it's true! And when only the finest cuts of meat are used, the result is an excellent sausage that will make your mouth water!

Authentic Arles

Invented in the Middle Ages by natives of Arles, France, our timeless Authentic Arles sausage has persisted through the centuries and today is one of our top cured products! The original recipe has changed very little: It still uses a mild blend of pork and beef, delicately flavored with thyme and Muscat de Lunel wine.

Délice de Saint-André-le-Puy

Le Batistou wanted to create a sausage that could be eaten without moderation. To fulfill this niche, it created the Délice de Saint André le Puy, which contains 30% less fat than a classic dried sausage. Délice de Saint André le Puy has all of the delicious flavor of a REAL sausage, but with less fat!

Grand Tradition

A family of products created in the finest curing traditions of the mountainous region. Prepared using only the finest cuts of meat, our Grand Tradition range is the essence of Le Batistou's masterful skills.


Our ham is prepared using only fresh, carefully selected French meat. The round cut is inspired by the "Parma" cut. The ham is lightly salted with dry salt and rubbed by hand, then dried slowly, using the traditional curing method. After curing for over 9 months, the meat reveals its subtle flavors.


We are proud to select only the finest cuts of meat for our sausages. Whether a shoulder, belly or leg, from the Auvergne or Rhône-Alpes region, each piece of meat is carefully selected to be included in one of our delicious recipes. That is how we ensure that every one of our sausages is tender and full of flavor.

Our sausages are stuffed by hand into natural casings.