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Become the next crew of Le Batistou 4L

The Batistou handed the keys of his 4L to the next crew that will participate in the 4L Trophy 2020 from February 20th to March 1st.

Follow the fabulous adventures of Kenza and Manon, business school students. For this occasion, they created the association “Les Lionnes’aise en 4l”.

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La fleur du saucisson

A natural flower for more flavor

Le Batistou sausages are covered with a thin white layer (or grey for Auvergne sausages). This is what we call “the sausage flower”. It is a mushroom, the Penicillium, of the same family what is present on some cheeses.
This flower develops naturally during the refining of the sausage. That’s why it’s not uniform and continues to develop in store and at home (if you resist not eating the sausage right away). It contributes to the maturation of the sausage, to its preservation but also to its taste.

Sausages Le Batistou get “PGI Auvergne”

PGI, Protected Geographical Indication, is an European guarantee of quality and geographical origin attributed to agricultural and agri-food products whose characteristics, production, know-how and reputation are closely linked to a territory.

Developed in the small village of La Forie, near Ambert, in the heart of the Livradois-Forez Natural Park, Le Batistou products from the Auvergne range enjoy a PGI Auvergne. In its mountain setting, in the middle of fir trees, the village is marked by a harsh climate, very cold and dry in winter, and therefore very favourable to the maturing of sausages! For more than sixty years, salting has respected a tradition of animal purchase, regional sourcing and craftsmanship.

Le Batistou in Auvergne are dry sausages and pure pork Rosettes sausages, stuffed in natural casings, a thick and ripe ground meat that gives a more intense red color, a touch of garlic that is a traditional flavor enhancer in Auvergne, less fat, no added ingredients (nuts, cheese …) or coating (grass, peppers or spices), a natural form, and a natural greyish green flower.

Saucisson IGP Auvergne
medaille or saucisse bernard

A gold medal for the pure dry pork sausage

It’s with great pride that the dry pork sausage of our partner, salt-cured Bernard, received a gold medal at the agricultural fair that took place in Paris from February 24 to March 4, 2018.

It’s probably the generosity of his pieces of meat that made the difference. Or the assertive nature of its flavors that it owes to a natural green flower and a pinch of garlic. Or the tenderness of his flesh to heart … Or simply the know-how and passion that Bernard’s team put into the producing of these products.

Salt-cured Bernard have a factory store in the heart of the village of Forie, near Ambert in Auvergne. Don’t hesitate to go there and taste dry sausages, rosettes, ham and other small salting delights!