Sausages Le Batistou get “PGI Auvergne”

PGI, Protected Geographical Indication, is an European guarantee of quality and geographical origin attributed to agricultural and agri-food products whose characteristics, production, know-how and reputation are closely linked to a territory.

Developed in the small village of La Forie, near Ambert, in the heart of the Livradois-Forez Natural Park, Le Batistou products from the Auvergne range enjoy a PGI Auvergne. In its mountain setting, in the middle of fir trees, the village is marked by a harsh climate, very cold and dry in winter, and therefore very favourable to the maturing of sausages! For more than sixty years, salting has respected a tradition of animal purchase, regional sourcing and craftsmanship.

Le Batistou in Auvergne are dry sausages and pure pork Rosettes sausages, stuffed in natural casings, a thick and ripe ground meat that gives a more intense red color, a touch of garlic that is a traditional flavor enhancer in Auvergne, less fat, no added ingredients (nuts, cheese …) or coating (grass, peppers or spices), a natural form, and a natural greyish green flower.

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